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Combine research with interventions to generate applied knowledge

Working together to generate societal impact

The LDE Centre GMD will combine ‘rigour’ with ‘relevance.’ Rather than seeing ‘impact’ as a separate activity, the research centre seeks to develop impact as an integral aspect of the activities in the spheres of research and education. This will be done within the context of the lively societal debate on migration and diversity, as well as in the context of the great demand for robust scientific knowledge that can be contextualised in a range of localities and governance settings.

Migration and migration-related diversity are at the heart of societal and political debates since migration is a contested concept. The importance of migration and diversity will probably increase in the future.

Also, the cities of Delft, Leiden and Rotterdam all have increasingly mobile and diverse populations. For instance, in Delft and Rotterdam more than half of the population has a migration background. Research and education that is related to migration and diversity is not only academically relevant but also has the potential to contribute to active social and public issues which demands research that has societal relevance.

LDE Centre GMD network

The network on which the LDE Centre GMD is built, will combine research with interventions, to generate applied knowledge that can be used by various organizations in practice, while simultaneously being valuable for further academic research. This co-design of interventions and innovative approaches will involve a structural engagement with stakeholders operating in the field of migration and diversity. This includes NGOs working on issues as integration, inclusion, and anti-discrimination, as well as organizations for or by migrants and by local residents.



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