Connecting scholars from different disciplines

Creating a self-sustainable research platform

The LDE Centre GMD is a research platform that connects scholars from the three universities in Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam. We combine research from TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, the Leiden Interdisciplinary Migration Seminars (LIMS), the Leiden initiative on Migration and Citizenship, PRIMUS and the Erasmus Migration and Diversity Institute (EMDI).

We will organize working conferences that provide the opportunity to invite additional research groups from Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam to participate. Furthermore, the LDE Centre GMD will invite visiting scholars with a prominent position in the field of migration research which will not only contribute to the international position of the LDE Centre GMD, but also acquire expertise and inspiration for the LDE-GMD community.

Joint research initiatives

A core activity of the LDE Centre will be coordinating joint action of the three universities in relation to the rapid developments in EU and other funding schemes on migration and diversity. This means for instance coordinating joint efforts in direction of future EU Framework Programs (Horizon Europe), ERA and in relation to the Dutch Science Foundation. The research network of IMISCOE and its Migration Research Hub serves as a platform for this lobby. A strong voice from the three universities combined will make a real difference.

The LDE Centre GMD will develop joint research initiatives under the two research pillars of Migration and Diversity with a focus on Governance. The topics bring existing knowledge and expertise from the three universities together which fosters synergies and complementarity and enhances the potential for research funding and societal impact.

Multi-level governance

More general, the field of migration studies has expanded in an important manner over the past decades, and migration and diversity are playing a key role in fields such as History, Law, Sociology, Public Administration, Governance studies, Development Studies and Urban Studies. Migration and diversity trigger a broad range of questions about fundamental rights, state obligations and the effects of dealing with diversity on participation, citizenship and integration. Migration and diversity invoke policy reactions at intersecting levels of governance: global, European, national, and local. Research on migration and diversity requires a focus on the multi-level governance context, by not only involving governments but also NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), IGOs (intergovernmental Organisations) and citizen-led organisations of migrants and non-migrants.