Master Governance of Migration and Diversity

The LDE Centre Governance of Migration and Diversity builds on the existing LDE Master specialisation Governance of Migration and Diversity. The LDE Master specialisation GMD offers five different tracks (Public Administration, Sociology, History, Development Studies and Law) with courses at six different faculties (History and Law at Leiden University, Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology and Sociology, Public Administration and the International Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University Rotterdam).

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After the completion of this specialisation, students will be able to identify and analyse social issues related to migration and diversity. Furthermore, students can provide advice on these problems. During this master programme students will:

  • Develop a multidisciplinary understanding of migration and diversity from various perspectives, including history, development studies, sociology, public administration and urbanism;
  • Acquire a methodological understanding in order to study migration and diversity;
  • Learn to better understand the governance implications of migration and diversity at the local (urban), regional, national as well as European and international level;
  • Obtain professional skills in terms of designing strategies for the management of migration and diversity at the policy level.  

Graduates of this specialisation are suitable candidates for positions in governmental organisations (policymakers, policy advisors, lobbyists) and organisations in civil society (e.g. unions, political parties, research institutes) on the local, national or international level.

   Everyone who is interested in the complexity and functionality of modern societies, and is intrigued by what diversity and migration bring to the table should choose this master.  Mateja Horvat - alumnus GMD (Public Administration)   More GMD student testimonials

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The LDE Master specialisation GMD and the cooperation between scholars from all three universities and disciplines also feed into research collaborations within the LDE Centre GMD. Hence, the research centre will support exchanges amongst teaching staff from the three universities, aimed at gaining efficient use of teaching expertise, and contribute to training the future generation of professionals that will work in the context of today’s highly diverse societies.

GMD History track at Leiden University

GMD Development studies track at ISS The Hague

GMD Legal track at Leiden University

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