LDE Early Career Network

What do we do?

The LDE Early Career Network, an initiative birthed from a focus group with Ph.D. and Postdoc attendees in March 2021, focuses on curating workshops centered on different skills, tricks, and tips migration (and diversity)-based Ph.D. and Postdocs can use in their present and future work. 

So far, the LDE GMD Centre has hosted two of these workshops: the first being led by Dr. Nadia Bouras (Leiden University) on how to best navigate social media as a migration and/or diversity scholar. The second workshop, led by Dr. Talitha Stam (Onderwijsraad) provided attendees with a robust idea of how to generate impact in their work and their research. 

Our latest workshop was led by Dr. Els Leclercq (TU Delft) where she spoke about impact and how to integrate knowledge from non-academic actors in a meaningful and reciprocal manner.

Who can attend?

Young migration, diversity, and inclusion scholars (Ph.D. and Postdoc) are strongly encouraged to attend - particularly those affiliated with either Leiden University, Delft University or Erasmus University.

What is the aim?

Our intentions are two-fold. We primarily aim to provide a service, in the form of informative sessions, to our young scholars and equip them with skills that may not be offered within their respective research ambitions. Secondly, we intend to build a strong network where we can learn from each other's disciplines and backgrounds.



Nadia BourasTalitha Stam