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The Hague Southwest Thesis Project


The Hague Southwest Thesis Project is an educational platform where various master's students from Leiden University, TU Delft, and Erasmus Rotterdam conduct research from various disciplines in response to formulated practice-based challenges by, among others, the municipality of The Hague, projects in The Hague Southwest and its residents. 

Why the Hague Southwest?

In 2019, the national government and the municipality of The Hague formulated the 'Regiodeal Den Haag Zuidwest' in line with the municipal coalition agreement 2019-2022 'Together for the City'. The 'Regiodeal' focuses on the four districts Bouwlust, Vrederust, Morgenstond and Moerwijk in The Hague. These districts consist of about 70,000 inhabitants - comparable to the city of Gouda - who are struggling with several socio-economic issues such as poverty, debt, unemployment, radicalisation, polarisation, and health problems. To tackle the wicked problems in The Hague South-West, the municipality of The Hague is joining hands with various stakeholders to make substantial investments in four neighbourhoods in the coming years to give The Hague South-West the prosperity it deserves. 

In order to monitor, evaluate and further develop the Regiodeal for The Hague South-west, the municipality of The Hague asked the LDE Centre Governance of Migration and Diversity (GMD) to become a partner to build a relevant bridge between research, policy, and practice.

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