In order to provide the LDE Center GMD with not only scientific added value but with social relevance as well, we strongly value the objective of good social embedding. We have therefore set up a Contact Council (Contactraad) in which representatives of civil society organizations have a feel for and bond with themes that are part of our research agenda. The purpose of the Contactraad is to function as a professional and social touchstone for the scientific ambitions we are developing as a research center. The Contactraad, therefore, has a directive rather than a controlling function.

This group ideally consists of 10 people and meets twice a year. Membership is personal but related to the members' professional expertise. Being part of the Contactraad offers the opportunity to strengthen ties with one of the largest international research centers in the field of migration and diversity and also to be in direct contact with both scientists and administrators of the Leiden University, TU/Delft, and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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