Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

General faculty information

ESSB includes a strong specialization in migration and diversity governance, including public administration, sociology but also pedagogy. Migration is also marked as a priority by the Faculty in the contact of the Erasmus Initiative on Vital Cities and Citizens (VCC). ESSB also hosts the coordinating office of IMISCOE, Europe’s largest academic network of excellence on migration and diversity.

What is your research focus regarding (the governance of) migration and diversity?

We have a broad specialization in migration from various perspectives, with a strong research focus on issues of governance, from a sociological perspective as well as a public administration perspective. This includes amongst others migration governance, securitization and migration, diversity governance, multi-level governance.

What are your educational programmes on governance, migration and diversity?

ESSB hosts two tracks within the LDE master Governance of Migration and Diversity; a sociology track and a public administration track. In addition, the faculty hosts a minor program on Migration and Diversity.

What do you do on societal impact regarding (the governance of) migration and diversity?

There is a strong societal impact orientation in the work of the faculty. This includes various impact generating approaches, such as systematically linking research and teaching in the department, developing strong connections with policy organisations but also developing ‘impact by design’ methodologies used in the research of the department.

We also host several initiatives to increase the visibility of our migration and integration research programmes towards societal stakeholders, such as public lectures within the Erasmus Migration and Diversity Institute (EMDI), but also recently by podcasts and video series like The Migration Podcast and the CrossMigration video series.

Role within and contribution to the LDE Centre GMD

ESSB hosts the coordinating office of the GMD Centre, and brings a specific research focus on governance to the centre.

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences