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The LDE Centre Governance and Migration consists of a number of scholars that collaborate on an array of proposals and research. Below is a catalog of the different studies, reports, and papers produced by the research team across all three universities. 

Opvang in de regio

This fact sheet explores the various policy options that can be categorised as 'reception in the region', with a focus on offering protection to refugees and displaced persons. It assesses the possible consequences of this policy and puts Dutch initiatives in a comparative perspective. Click on the image to read the complete (revised) factsheet.

Opvang in de regio







De migratiesamenleving: Migratie en diversiteit als gordiaanse knoop

This collection unravels the complexity and interwovenness of issues about reception, housing, work, education, social security, neighborhood renewal, class migration, and cultural participation. From different perspectives, the authors show how migration and diversity can simultaneously be a problem, challenge, opportunity, solution, cause, and effect. Governance is central to this, in other words, the cooperation between citizens, networks, and organizations at different administrative levels is pivotal. What is unique is that the authors draw on new research, look beyond the boundaries of their own disciplines, and offer concrete perspectives for action. Click on the image to read the book.

Book project