GMD student board launches International Network for Students of Migration Studies

International Network for Students of Migration StudiesWhen studying migration, it becomes quite clear that this is a topic that needs to be approached globally – in every sense of the world. Convinced to transnationally and interdisciplinary understand, analyze and advise on issues of migration, the outreach committee of the GMD student board decided to create a platform for students of migration studies to learn from each other and grow together.

In January 2021, the International Network for Students of Migration Studies was launched by a Facebook group. As a space created by students for students, it is intended as a contact point for prospective students, as a platform to further one’s studies through innovative and practical learning as well as through own initiatives, and to offer guidance for the transition into the labour market. The network serves as a platform to connect with each other, share knowledge, information and (digital) events, as well as internship/research assistant/traineeship/PhD/job vacancies.

In the next phase students will contact peers, other student boards and program administrators with the support from the LDE Centre GMD for the platform to grow. The connection to other universities and programs and close collaboration with other students is the foundation of this network. To bring together different perspectives and ideas and to make this a vibrant and lively community, it is also planned to recruit an international communication team consisting of students from diverse educational backgrounds.

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