Goodbye and welcome to the jr. Executive Manager

Lhamo MeyerAfter more than a year we unfortunately have to say goodbye to our team member Lhamo Meyer who worked more than a year as jr. Executive Manager. She was a vital part during launching the LDE Centre GMD in Spring 2020 and contributed to the development of the centre until now. After living more than nine years in the Netherlands, she will go on a migration journey herself and takes on a new challenge in her hometown Zurich, Switzerland. "I look back on a very enriching year being part in developing the centre with the rest of the team. I appreciated the stimulating environment and collaborative spirit and I am convinced, that this centre will become a vital platform in generating and distributing knowledge on the governance of migration and diversity."

Vanessa NtinuWe are happy to announce our new jr. Executive Manager Vanessa Ntinu, presenting herself as: "A lover of cats and a good Netflix series. Beyond my feline obsession, I am driven by narratives around migration and diversity. I am dedicated to ensuring everyone gets a comfortable seat at the table." Vanessa is a Kenyan-Nigerian migration and diversity enthusiast that has been in a constant state of migration since the age of 6. With a political science background, she hopes to bring not only some knowledge to her new role but also a lot of enthusiasm. She looks forward to being a part of a pioneering center and cannot wait to meet everyone.