New co-chairs in town!

Following the last student board meeting, Alison Hurley and Anna-Lena Baumeister have taken over from Alex Webb and Nevena Vračar as Chairs. Nevena is now Head of the Outreach Committee and Alex a part of the Events Committee. Congratulations on your new and exciting positions!

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Alison Hurley (Chair)

"IAlison Hurley joined the student board as it presents a great opportunity to engage with my fellow students and become more active in the development of this master. Especially in these trying times I believe it is important that we try and create an experience that is just as rich and stimulating as it would be normal circumstances. Being a part of the board and my role as co-chair allows me a creative way to give back to the program but also further develop my own organisational and leadership skills".

 Anna-Lena Baumeister (Chair)

Anna-Lena Baumeister"Next to the input of our masters, I think the student board is a great opportunity to gain more hands-on experience and to build organisation and coordination skills. Together, we work on a variety of different projects and are responsible for the communication between students and the GMD and LDE staff. As the board, we can actively shape our program and contribute to the study experience of the rest of our cohort. In my role as co-chair, I am looking forward to maintain a strong liaison between students and the LDE centre".


Nevena Vračar (Head of Outreach Committee)

Nevena"Being a member of the student board has enriched my experience of the Master. It has allowed me to develop personally and connect with my colleagues, as well as to actively contribute to shaping the program. As the Head of the Outreach and Communication Committee, I strive to connect our students with the LDE centre, GMD alumni, and teaching staff. Through numerous opportunities for interaction, the Board strives to foster exchange of ideas and creativity within our network".




The events committee continues to be supported by Arne Janssen, Nadja Buurmans, Jeroen Willemsen, Tirza Pulleman and Alex Webb.

The outreach and communications committee continues to be supported by Nadja Buurmans and Ingrid Blankesteijn.

The student board in general is further supported by Mark Espina, Maite Osses, and Iana Hilhorst.