Putting COVID-19 into context(s)

In her blogpost, board member and professor of Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction at the International Institute of Social Studies Thea Hilhorst critically reflects on the top-down emergency management to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. She especially highlights the necessity to focus on crisis prevention, be aware of the instrumentalization of COVID-19 to increase state control, and the necessity to link top-down measures with bottom-up initiatives and coping mechanisms.

Read the full blog post here: https://issblog.nl/2020/06/15/covid-19-putting-covid-19-into-contexts-by-dorothea-hilhorst/

The column was also part of the ISS webinar Pandemic, poverty and power: Perspectives on in/exclusivity in cities: https://issblog.nl/2020/06/15/covid-19-putting-covid-19-into-contexts-by-dorothea-hilhorst/ 

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