Round up of year two of the Thesis Hub: A look back at a successful year!

Words by Marnix Schalk (Leiden University).

With the end of the academic year in sight, the second cohort of students and courses affiliated with the Thesis Hub is rounding up. With the upcoming holidays in mind, the Thesis Hub can proudly reflect on the output created by students. This semester the following TU Delft courses have finished: Management Game (Bachelor), Architectural Ethnography (Master), and Social Inequality in the City, Diversity & Design (Master). All three courses resulted in diverse creations from students which have now been shared with the involved stakeholders.

Furthermore, the end of the second semester means a final meeting. On the 6th of September, both stakeholders and residents of the Hague Southwest discuss the thesis work of students from all three universities (Delft, Erasmus, and Leiden) who have participated in the project of the Thesis Hub. 

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