Tirza Pulleman wins Han Entzinger Award for Best MA Thesis

Words by Vanessa Ntinu

tirzaOn the 25th of November, Tirza Pulleman, a GMD Master's alumni (Public Administration track) was awarded the esteemed Han Entzinger Award for the best MA thesis. Tirza wrote her thesis under the supervision of dr. Mark van Ostaijen and as part of the newly erected Scriptiewerkplaats DHZW initiative - a joint initiative between Gemeente Den Haag and the LDE GMD Centre that sees students provide tangible recommendations to the municipality on how to enhance social participation in the Hague South-West region. Tirza's research looked at how to enhance participation and social contact in Bouwlust and Moerwijk, two districts within the neighborhood. Tirza's working title was 'How can 'participatory governance' make the differences and explain similarities between projects Allekanten and Bij Betje in relation to the level of participation and social contact between residents of The Hague Southwest?'

Tirza employed a number of methods in her research, including analyzing policy documents, observation at the projects, and interviews with civil servants, project leaders, board members, and ten residents/volunteers. Tirza is now working at the Gemeente Rijswijk as a Trainee. Due to COVID regulations, the event took place in a hybrid format and Tirza dialed in to receive her award.

The Han Entzinger Award is organized by the Erasmus Migration and Diversity Institute and celebrates the Best Master Thesis on Migration and Diversity at Erasmus University. 

Congrats, Tirza!