Write-Up: GMD x ISS Film Screening

Words by Sofie de Baere 

SohelOn November 15, students of the GMD program had the wonderful opportunity to meet and engage in an enriching conversation with documentary maker Sohel Rahman. We saw two of his critical, thought-provoking documentaries, one about children selling ice cream in a Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh and one about the precarious living conditions of Nepalese fruit pickers in Portugal. Sohel’s films evoked a lot of emotions. He beautifully captured the injustice in the situation of these groups of migrants as well as the individual opportunities they seek out to strive for a better life with the limited means they have. We were grateful that the documentary maker was present himself and he was eager to discuss his experiences while making the films with us. This jointly organized event by the GMD student board and the ISS provoked a lot of food for thought!