Dr. Kimberly Seibel

Job title
Research Officer - Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology

Kimberly Seibel is a cultural anthropologist (PhD, Northwestern University, Chicago area, US) from the U.S. currently living in Rotterdam. Her scholarship explores issues of age/ageing, citizenship, welfare, and urban belonging. She has conducted research on such topics as local understandings of the Chad-Cameroon border; experiences of newly arrived refugee “seniors” in U.S. welfare systems; gardening and wellbeing among older African Americans; older adults' experiences of the Flint Water Crisis; and the impact of refugee resettlement on urban “revitalization” in Detroit, Michigan.

Her primary role is to develop and coordinate our funding proposals, research and impact activities, and participate and contribute to our projects as a postdoc.  Being both practical and analytical, she enjoys the mix of outreach, project management, and collaboration called for in her position.

Identity is always mobile and processual, partly self-construction, partly categorization by others, partly a condition, a status, a label, a weapon, a shield, a fund of memories, et cetera (Malkki, 1992: 37)

Prior to joining the LDE Centre GMD, Kimberly Seibel worked in a small organization in The Netherlands promoting age-friendly environments in Europe and completed a two-year postdoc at the Institute of Gerontology at Wayne State University (Detroit, US). Through engagement with colleagues at the LDE Centre GMD and TU Delft (Urban Studies), she hopes to conduct future research on European contexts that will broaden her understanding of processes of urban restructuring, dispossession, and migrant emplacement.

Dr. Kimberly Seibel
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