GMD meets the LDE GMD Student Board

Meet the people behind LDE GMD Student Board, 2020/2021!

As part of the LDE GMD meets series, the LDE GMD Student Board took it upon themselves to create and produce a video that introduces audiences, particularly prospective students, to the varied benefits of being part of the Board. In this video, the GMD Student Board answers a number of questions and outline the different motivations behind their joining of the Board. 

Nevena Vračar (PA track), the Head of the Outreach and Communications Committee, outlines how being in the Board allows you to curate a master's programme alongside staff and fellow students. Nadja Buurmans (PA track), a Member of the Outreach and Communications Committee, explains how being a member of the Board has increased her confidence and communication skills. Alex Webb (PA track), a Member of the Events Committee, reiterates this and explains how the Soundboard, a space created by the Board to allow students to give feedback and suggestions to course coordinators and staff, really enables students to co-create their programme. 

The skills we have learned while being members of the Student Board, such as allocating budgets, coordinating meetings and organizing events, are going to be very beneficial in our professional lives, even after the Student Board." - Anna-Lena Baumeister (PA track, Co-Chair).

Gustaf Norén Vosveld (Sociology track), the Confidentiality Person, explains how being a member of the Board enhances social connection, specifically in a course with different tracks and disciplines. Tirza Pulleman (PA track) seconds this and explains how the events hosted by the Student Board, including the Potluck dinner and Skills Event, not only allow students to regularly connect and socialize with students but also equips students with skills that can be used in the future. 

Given the precarity brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Student Board has proven to be extra crucial. Alison Hurley (History track), the Co-Chair of the Board, outlines how the Board has allowed students to remain connected, even when in an online space. 

Are you interested in hearing more? Watch the video below. 

If you are interested in joining the Student Board next year, kindly send an email to to sign up!