Two Horizon Europe 2020 research grants

Researchers of the Erasmus University Rotterdam participate in two awarded Horizon 2020 projects

The integration of post-2014 migrants in small- and medium-sized towns and rural areas: WHOLE-COMM

Prof. dr. Peter Scholten and dr. Maria Schiller participate in the research project which applies a Whole-of-Community approach to integration in small-and medium-sized towns and rural areas. The study involves a cross-country comparison with eight European Union countries and two non-European, as well as a cross-local comparison with 40 communities. With a mixed-methods research design combining qualitative and quasi-experimental methods, and a quantitative analysis on the impact of policies on social cohesion and immigrants’ integration trajectories, this project aims to trigger innovation in policy debates and to build more cohesive and resilient communities. 

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Sustainable Practices of Integration (SPRING)

Prof. dr. Peter Scholten will participate in a second Horizon project together with dr. Asya Pisarevskaya and dr. William Voorberg. By gathering, summarising and translating knowledge on integration, this project aims to make knowledge produced by academia and practice-oriented research agencies more accessible for practitioners. The approach will involve the engagement of communities of practice on integration, including national and local governments as well as NGOs, businesses and grassroots civic initiatives. Together with relevant stakeholders, the project will create and disseminate the most usable and practical materials, such as examples of good practice, handbooks, pieces of training, templates, databases and contact lists.

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