Europe’s Achilles Heel: The asylum and migration regime unpacked

To outsiders and experts alike, the European migration and asylum regime can be very complicated and difficult to understand. Why is the human rights situation in the refugee camps on the Greek islands so precarious? What is the new European Pact on Asylum and Migration, and how does it reflect Europe’s current and future migration management? 

Elina, Iana, Ingrid, and Renée, four (former) students of the LDE Master Governance of Migration and Diversity, wanted to answer these kinds of questions when they decided to organize the talkshow “Europe’s Achilles Heel: the migration and asylum regime unpacked”. Together with prof.dr. Thea Hilhorst, dr. Zeynep Kaşlı, Sahar Shirzad and Anna Farrow, they reflect on the current European migration management from a humanitarian, political, legal and practitioner’s perspective. The talkshow aims to create a better understanding of the European migration regime, the related challenges and how a different approach to migration could look like.



Thea Hilhorst - Professor of Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Zeynep Kaşlı - Assistant Professor of Migration and Development, International Institute of Social Studies (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Sahar Shirzad - Legal professional and program developer

Anna Farrow - NGO worker at Stichting STIL