Interested in a year in Barcelona? Exchange program agreement signed between UPF and GMD

A new year and new semester often come with new opportunities. The LDE GMD Centre is happy to present one of these new opportunities and announce that GMD has signed an agreement with Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona to facilitate the international exchange of students who want to continue their studies by doing the Master in Migration Studies in Barcelona.

Are you a PA student interested in pursuing a second year of Migration studies and gain international experience by spending a year abroad after the GMD master?

What does this mean? 

For PA students interested in the exchange programme:

  • you do the two Master's programs on public policy and migration after another; following all the required courses at EUR and UPF and writing two MA theses, following the respective rules of these universities.
  • maximum 5 exchange students coming from each of the universities admitted per year.

Why study at UPF?

UPF is a modern, high-quality public university that was founded in 1990. It focuses on the knowledge areas of the social sciences and humanities, communication and information technologies, and health and life sciences. It has 12,500 enrolled students in 30 undergraduate studies, 33 Masters, and 9 Ph.D. programmes. UPF welcomes more than 1,800 international mobility students per year, and 38% of their undergraduate students have done an exchange abroad.

UPF ranks in the Times Higher Education ranking 2018 as the 1st Spanish university (140th worldwide and 60th in Europe) and 17th highest ranked (worldwide) among those under 50 years of age.

Why study the Master in Migration Studies at UPF?

The master's programme in Migration Studies is aimed at people interested in migration and diversity management who are seeking quality university training that combines a solid foundation of theoretical and applied knowledge with a series of useful tools for specializing in the areas of academic research, case studies and comparative studies, including quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques.

The programme's ultimate goal is to train researchers in the field of immigration and diversity in keeping with its guiding principles: academic rationale, scientific rigor, and practical application. The focus of the Master is Political Science, Mediterranean Area, qualitative research, and offering two profiles: research and expert. Being a Master of 20/25 students, there is always a variety of backgrounds and nationalities (this year 2020, 15 nationalities, see picture and statistics here. See also testimonials of former students here).

Practical matters

The Deadline for indicating your interest (please email GMD Coordinator Maria Schiller at is the 28th of February, 2021. The deadline for applications at UPF is the 8th of March, 2021.

For matters pertaining to tuition fees,  see the attachments below.

Contact person at EUR:
Maria Schiller, GMD Managing Coordinator

Contact persons at UPF:
Mrs. Carmen Itzel Ruiz, GRITIM-UPF Office

CC: Prof. Dr. Ricard Zapata Barrero, Director

Information second Master at UPF.pdf (163.26 KB)
More information
Practical information (UPF website)