Online GMD student workshop

On Friday 15 May, our centre organised an online workshop during which current GMD students and GMD alumni reflected on the GMD Master programme and shared their ideas for the development of the centre. It was great to see such engaged former and current GMD students sharing their opinions and ideas on how to further develop the GMD Master programme in the context of our new centre.

online workshop

With the digital workspace Mural, an interactive and lively discussion was facilitated during which we collected ideas such as organising a network event together with current, former and prospective GMD students as well as external stakeholders or how to involve students in research programmes.

Concluding with GMD alumni reflecting on their current career path also provided some great insights for current GMD students on how life after the GMD Master could look like.

Overall, this online workshop was a great opportunity to get together with our GMD community, critically reflect and provide input for future developments to continuously improve our GMD Master programme and LDE Centre Governance of Migration and Diversity.