Presenting the new GMD Master Student Board!

GMD boardThe GMD Master programme is pleased to present its newest GMD Student Board members. After weeks of applying and a rigorous selection process, the newest cohort was formed. Below are their names and their respective positions:

1. Sofie de Baere (History) - Chair

2. Bryan Burgess (History) - Co-Chair

3. Marie Boscher (ISS) - Events/Outreach Committee and Treasurer

4. Esther van der Sluijs (Sociology) - Events/Outreach Committee

5. Moet Toyoda (ISS) - Events/Outreach Committee

6. Sydney Cohee (ISS) - Confidentiality Person

7. Denise Koek (Sociology)- Confidentiality Person

8. Olga van den Berg (Public Administration) - Events/Outreach Committee

9. Niamh O'Driscoll (Public Administration) - Events/Outreach Committee and Secretary

See their profiles here