The GMD Student Wellbeing Week

Words by GMD student board (Outreach and Events Committees)

From the 15th-19th February, the Student Board hosted the GMD Student Wellbeing Week, organized by the Outreach and Events committees. Together, they worked on raising awareness on student mental health and the resources made available to stimulate wellbeing both within and outside of the Master. The Outreach committee put their communication and design skills to use to ensure that students are familiarized with mental health information and resources within the university and that these are made easily accessible to them. During the week, students received daily emails, as well as messages on social media, each giving them information on one mental health support aspect. We covered all aspects of mental health care offered by the three universities (EUR, LU, and ISS), from career and study advisors to confidentiality persons, student counselors, and psychologists. The board found it important to familiarize students with all possible forms of assistance, in order to help them cope with stress related to the Master, studying in times of Covid-19, or matters beyond studying.  

To conclude the Wellbeing Week, on Friday the 19th, the Student board - with the Events committee in the lead - hosted an online workshop, given by Ron de Jong. Ron is a coach who trains individuals in their personal development by tackling work (or study) related problems. During the workshop, Ron offered us valuable insights into dealing with heightened, work-induced stress. The workshop was useful not only because the students were given the knowledge to better understand where stress comes from and the tools to deal with it, but also because it proved a safe space to share concerns and stress-related issues experienced during the Master. Both the board and the students who participated in the Student Wellbeing Week were very positive about the GMD Student Wellbeing Week, and the workshop in particular. 

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