Challenges and opportunities for the diverse neighbourhood Kuyperwijk

In March 2020, students of the Master specialisation Governance of Migration and Diversity (GMD) went into the Delft neighbourhood Kuyperwijk to conduct research. According to their interviews, observations and data analysis, they found that the neighbourhood is very diverse in terms of design and population characteristics. Based on their research, the students developed strategies for the challenges and development opportunities in the neighbourhood.

GMD students KuyperwijkKuyperwijk

Hatte van der Woude, district councillor Kuyperwijk: “For the students this was a great opportunity to get in touch with the less known parts of the city. A valuable experience! We will examine the possibilities to use their results for current and future projects.” Dr. Reinout Kleinhans, associate professor and related to the LDE Centre GMD, agrees: “The group of students designed strategies with a temporary as well as permanent character. These offer a lot of leads for the municipality, the residents and other parties.”

According to Reinout Kleinhans this interdisciplinary student research is a clear example of how the LDE Centre GMD connects research, education and societal impact. “The designed strategies for the Kuyperwijk are substantiated in research and can be implemented through the collaboration of all parties concerned. In doing so, we can better understand important issues in the neighbourhood and further provide solutions.”

The various designed strategies for the Kuyperwijk are documented in the student reports below.

Design Game Report - Better Together in the Kuyperwijk (2.47 MB)
Design Game Report - Kuyperwijk (19.33 MB)
Design Game Report - The Four Pillars of Social Cohesion (4.82 MB)
Design Game Report - From conflict to contact? (5.23 MB)
Design Game Report - An inclusive neighbourhood through design (40.01 MB)
Design Game Report - Kuyperwijk South (17.43 MB)
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